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Video: McKeon Previews Friday Hearing into NJ Transit/Amtrak Woes

Assembly Judiciary Chairman John McKeon ‘Things have gone from bad to worse’

Lawmaker Also Notes Trans-Hudson Tunnel Canceled by Christie Would Nearly be Completed

10 a.m. Friday Hearing to Include Testimony from Amtrak & NJT Leaders

Assembly Judiciary Chairman John McKeon (D-Essex/Morris) discusses Friday’s Assembly-Senate hearing on Amtrak and NJ Transit breakdowns, planned repairs at New York Penn Station and contingency plans to move commuters in the event of reduced service.

Watch the video here.

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Gordon, McKeon: Hearing to Focus on Amtrak & NJ Transit Breakdowns, NY Penn Station Repairs, and Contingency Plans to Handle Commuter Crisis

Asm. John McKeon Amtrak President/CEO Wick Moorman, NJ Transit Executive Director Steve Santoro to testify Friday at joint Senate Legislative Oversight/Assembly Judiciary Committees hearing in Trenton

Citing the looming commuter crisis, Senate Legislative Oversight Chair Bob Gordon and Assembly Judiciary Chair John McKeon said their joint hearing Friday will focus on the wave of Amtrak and NJ Transit breakdowns, planned repairs at New York Penn Station, and contingency plans by NJ Transit and other agencies to continue to move hundreds of thousands of trans-Hudson commuters in the event of reduced service at NY Penn Station or other problems.

"Passengers do not care whether Amtrak or NJ Transit is responsible for the delays and disrepair that interfere with their commute. The two entities playing the blame game doesn't get people to work on time," said Assemblyman McKeon (D-Morris/Essex). "When people pay hundreds of dollars per month for rail service, they have all right to expect that it will be reliable and that NJ Transit personnel - including the agency's top executives - will be responsive to customers' concerns about quality and safety. Given the amount of dysfunction related to our transportation infrastructure that has affected passengers this month alone, it is imperative that both Amtrak and NJ Transit work to improve service on behalf of commuters."

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