Assembly Higher Education

The Assembly Higher Education committee handles issues that relate directly to colleges and universities. The committee assists in directing policy relating to tuition aid and scholarship programs, such as the popular NJ STARS, and ensuring the success of inter-institutional agreements entered into by schools.
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Schaer & Jasey Efforts Influence Change in HESAA Policy

Asm. Gary S. Schaer HESAA Vote to Approve Repayment Assistance Program Follows Lawmakers' Call for Reform

Following the reform efforts of Assembly Democrats Gary S. Schaer and Mila Jasey, the Higher Education Student Assistance Authority on Wednesday voted to establish a program that will facilitate student loan repayment for New Jersey residents.

"This is a step in the right direction that will help prevent future generations from falling into the downward spiral of student debt that keeps many young adults from pursuing marriage, homeownership and entrepreneurship in New Jersey," said Schaer, chair of the Assembly Budget Committee.

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