Assembly Financial Institutions and Insurance

The Assembly Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee is responsible for issues such as banking, finance, trusts and estates, auto insurance, liability insurance, life insurance, product liability, property insurance, and tort reform.
Democratic Research Aide:  Martin Sumners   
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Quijano, Benson Bill to Create the Consumer ATM and Credit Card Act Clears Assembly Panel

Measure Requires Certain Operators of Publicly Accessible Payment or Withdrawal Systems to Take Certain Actions to Protect Customer Information
(Trenton) - Legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrat Annette Quijano and Daniel Benson aiming to confront the problem of "skimmers," or devices used to steal customer's personal information when they use their credit or debit cards at an ATM or other card payment machines cleared an Assembly panel on Monday.

"The unscrupulous use of these devices compromise residents' personal information," said Quijano (D-Union). "If a customer's credit or debit card information is stolen in this fashion, it can lead to financial disaster; there are reports of thieves using skimmers to empty entire bank accounts."

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Lampitt, Barclay & Jones Bill to Ensure Self-Driving Motor Vehicle Owners Comply with Insurance Requirements Approved by Assembly Panel

(TRENTON) - Legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Pamela Lampitt, Arthur Barclay and Patricia Egan Jones to clarify that owners of self-driving motor vehicles must comply with existing insurance requirements was approved on Monday by an Assembly panel.

Specifically, the bill clarifies that, for the purposes of insurance, a self-driving car must comply with compulsory automobile and motor vehicle insurance requirements.

"As autonomous vehicles become more popular, we must ensure that insurance requirements continue to be met by drivers," said Lampitt (D-Camden, Burlington). "These vehicles are still new to the market and should be treated the same as any other vehicle on the road when it comes to insurance."

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Transient Housing Regulation, ATM/Credit Card Protections, Self-Driving Vehicle Insurance, Anti-Smoking, Opioid Antidotes, Tuition Transparency, Sandy Victim Help & Affordable Housing Highlight Monday Assembly Committees

Also on Tap: Telemedicine, Amusement Games at Airports, Criminalizing Flakka & Racial/Ethnic Impact Statements for Sentencing Measures

Regulating transient housing services such as Airbnb, ATM and credit card protections, self-driving vehicle insurance, anti-smoking legislation, opioid antidotes, tuition and fee transparency, Sandy victim mortgage relief and affordable housing legislation highlight Monday's Assembly committee hearings.

Also on tap: telemedicine, amusement games at airports, criminalizing flakka and requiring a racial and ethnic impact statement for bills and regulations affecting sentencing…

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