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Cryan to Council of College Presidents: Hold Farahi Accountable

Assemblyman asks that Accountability Committee Examine Kean University Finances
Assemblyman Joseph Cryan on Wednesday called on the New Jersey Council of College Presidents to arrange a resolution publically condemning Kean University's purchase of a $219,000 conference table at its December 8 meeting, which will be the first public meeting of the council since news of the egregious purchase has gone public.

"The Council of College Presidents should move to publically disapprove of the infamous conference table at Kean, which comes with a $219,000 price tag, as well as the bid waiver process from which it was unscrupulously acquired," said Cryan (D-Union). "Middle class New Jersey families are struggling to pay for higher education and a public condemnation of such reckless spending would reassure students statewide and confirm confidence in the Council of College Presidents."

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Lagana & Eustace Bill to Require Increased Transparency in Health Care Introduced in Assembly

Assemblyman Joseph Lagana Legislation Assembly Democrats Joseph Lagana and Timothy Eustace sponsored to require hospitals and other health care facilities to notify patients before providing care that insurance may not cover was introduced recently in the Assembly.

"Patients often visit a hospital for a planned procedure and face hefty charges, because - unbeknownst to them - the doctors or specialists who provided care weren't in-network," said Lagana (D-Bergen/Passaic).

"When someone seeks treatment, it's generally because he or she has an ailment and wants to be healed. That should be a patient's focus - not worrying about whether the doctor doing the healing is out-of-network," said Eustace (D-Bergen/Passaic)...

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Riley Questions Keanís Priorities after University Spends Several Hundred Thousand Dollars on Conference Table

Assembly Higher Education Committee Chair Celeste M. Riley (D-Cumberland/Gloucester/Salem) questioned Kean University's priorities after a report today detailed the exorbitant amount of money the university spent on a custom made conference table while more and more New Jersey students are struggling to afford college.

"This is a quintessential example of the misguided priorities that are failing our students and putting college further out of reach for them.

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Mazzeo Introduces Bill to Help Cover Costs for Nursing Homes & Long-Term Care Facilities When Medicaid Drags its Feet

State Would Be Required to Pay Facilities When Medicaid Application is not Approved after 90 Days
Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo has introduced legislation to help seniors and other vulnerable residents get the specialized care they need from various long-term care facilities when Medicaid throws up a road block.

Designated the "Uncompensated Pending Medicaid Beneficiary Payment Relief Act," the bill (A-3928), would provide payments to certain long term care facilities for residents who have applied for Medicaid but whose eligibility has not been determined more than 90 days after the initial application.

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Assembly Panel to Continue Considering Out-of-Network Health Care Cost Concerns

The Assembly Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee will meet Tuesday as it continues to consider issues related to out-of-network health care costs.

The committee will meet at 10 a.m. in Committee Room 16 on the Fourth Floor of the State House Annex in Trenton to hear from invited guests concerning issues related to reimbursements by health insurance carriers to out-of-network health care providers...

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Cryan: Kean University Spending $219K for a Table Shows Need for Change

Asm. Joe Cryan Assemblyman Joseph Cryan (D-Union) on Monday released the following statement after The Record reported Kean University spent $219,000 on a new table:

"The fact that Kean University spent $219,000 on a conference table shows how broken New Jersey's higher education system has become.

"Kean charges about $11,000 for tuition and fees for in-state students, so consider that $219,000 would equate to full scholarships for about 20 New Jersey students. A fancy conference table should never be a higher priority for a university than educating students, but priorities are out-of-whack here. The university can't even come up with a sensible explanation for its abusive spending..."

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Schaer: Christie Administration Misses the Mark Yet Again with Unmet NJ Lottery Revenue Projections

Assembly Budget Committee Chair Gary S. Schaer (D-Bergen/Passaic) issued the following statement Monday following a story by Bloomberg reporting that the New Jersey Lottery, which is now run by a private firm, has fallen short of revenue projections:

"The Christie administration's continued failure to meet its own revenue projections puts the state at risk in meeting its budgetary obligations. The consequences and ramifications of the latest revenue over estimation - the State Lottery - puts at rick numerous programs for seniors, the disabled and military veterans, core priorities for all New Jerseyeans.

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Lagana Introduces Bill to Allow Counties to Establish Central Municipal Drug Courts to Relieve Overburdened Municipal Courts

Assemblyman Joseph Lagana (D-Bergen/Passaic) has introduced a bill that would provide relief to municipal courts dealing with heavy caseloads by allowing counties in New Jersey to establish a central municipal drug court to specifically deal with minor drug-related cases.

"Many municipal courts are overburdened. Many of these courts are inundated with heavy caseloads which can make an already onerous legal process even more challenging," said Lagana. "Giving counties the option to establish a court to deal solely with minor drug-related cases would help ease the burden on municipal courts and make for a more efficient and fair judicial process."

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Moriarty Discussing His Car Black Box Legislation on FOX 5 NY

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